Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Christian Graduation Songs Suggestion List

Graduated from school for years, I can still remember the importance of choosing the perfect graduation song; If your school is a Catholic high school probably added a bit to the struggle to find that perfect Graduation Song.

With high school graduations quickly approaching, many Christian high schools will probably begin seeking out the perfect song to bid farewell to seniors. Many Christian schools will likely seek out great Christian graduation songs to send off graduates with a heartwarming message.
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"Friends" (Michael W. Smith)

"Friends are friends forever," Michael W. Smith sings in the chorus of his ever-popular song "Friends". This song will probably be considered an oldie-but-goodie among Christian graduation songs. The song speaks of packing up dreams, keeping each other close, and much more that will probably be close to the hearts of graduating seniors as they begin to transition into the next steps of their young lives.

"The Power of the Moment" (Chris Rice)

In this song from the Past the Edges album, Contemporary Christian singer/songwriter Chris Rice suggests that "Right now's the only moment that matters." Rice prays for God to show him "the importance of the simple things," a concept that fits well in a Christian graduation song selection.

"We've Only Just Begun" (Run Kid Run)

This Christian graduation song comes from a Christian Pop-Rock band. The song, from the album This is Who We Are, sounds like it was the most deliberate Christian graduation song ever written, in a good way. The song also contains a message all graduates of a Christian high school will likely take to heart.

"Lean on Me" (Kirk Franklin)

If you're thinking this is a remake of Bill Wither's popular song, you're wrong. This song from popular Christian performer Kirk Franklin is just as powerful as Wither's hit, minus the cliché of being used as a graduation song. This is the perfect Christian graduation song to be shared among close friends. With beautiful lyrics speaking to the experiences of so many, and featuring vocalists from Mary J Blige to Bono, this Christian graduation song will be certain to make some eyes water during the graduation ceremony.

"Every Season" (Nichole Nordeman)

This song begins with summer and ends with spring; it moves through a journey of life seen through the games of children, trees surrendering to harvest time, a world "wrapped in blanket white" while "all creation shivers underneath," and finally a spring that "teaches us to breathe." This song will be a potent reminder to Christian graduates that God is present through all seasons of life, and is visible in everything from the evening stars to a chilling breeze. As a Christian graduation song, it reminds graduates to look for God in all the small things, and be thankful for everything God sends in their direction.

"Where You Lead Me" (Mercy Me)

This song, from Mercy Me's album titled Undone, is a Christian graduation song that serves as an anthem for graduates daring to go out into the world and pursue uncertain futures. The chorus provides just the encouragement any high school graduate needs to take the next step in his or her life: "Where You lead me, I will follow Where You lead me I give my life away . . . Forever and a day." This Christian graduation song urges Christians to step out in faith and follow whatever plan God has for their lives.

"This Road" (Jars of Clay)

This Road" serves as a Christian high school graduation song in its prayer-like emphases. The last verse is the song's main prayer, reading, "This road that we travel, may it be the straight and narrow/ God give us peace and grace from You, all the day/ Shelter with fire, our voices we raise still higher/ God give us peace and grace from you, all the day through." This song presents a nice sending-off message for Christian high school graduates.

"Follow Your Dreams" (Raze)

This Christian high school graduation song offers a message of hope to new and recent graduates. This song would probably not be featured during any major graduation ceremony; it is a more hip-hop based song, ending with a Rap followed by the chorus, which might not strike the proper tone most folks expect from a graduation ceremony. However, if you are a Christian high school graduate and would like to leave your friends with a few words of encouragement, this Christian graduation song fits well on a CD mix of graduation songs or a memory picture slide-show.

"Never Give Up" (Yolanda Adams)

Many high school graduates leave high school with little to no idea of what the next few years will bring; this is no different for Christian graduates. Be it missions work, college, or something else entirely these new graduates ought to keep in mind the importance of keeping their dreams alive. Such a reminder is found in Gospel music phenomenon Yolanda Adams' song "Never Give Up.".

"The Prayer" (Donnie McClurkin, Yolanda Adams)

I'm sure most people are familiar with one of two versions of this song. First, there is Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli's version; others may know the Josh Groban and Charlotte Church rendition. This song is simply a beautiful reminder of the importance of prayer, particularly in the life of a recent high school graduate as he or she tries to figure out what to do with the rest of his/her life.

"Find Your Wings" (Mark Harris)

This song from Christian artist Mark Harris is the perfect song for a parent to gift to their graduating son and/or daughter. Presented as a message from a loving parent to the child, the song consists of heartwarming lyrics sure to inspire any Christian high school graduate to greatness. The last small verse before the final chorus are words any graduate would love to hear from his or her parents: "It's not living if you don't reach for the sky/ I'll have tears as you take off/ But I'll cheer you as you fly."

"Start a Fire" (Audio Adrenaline)

Finally, there is Audio Adrenaline's "Start a Fire," a track from their album titled Worldwide. Kids-excuse me, young adults-graduating from high school are entering the world with a lot of big dreams; Christian young adults are no different. Rather than telling them their dreams are unachievable, or allowing them to believe themselves.This Christian graduation song will remind Christian high school graduates to be that city on a hill and shine a light for all the world to see! Download DVD Slideshow Builder to Make Slideshow with Songs


  1. Fabulous List - thank you for posting. It has gotten me started! You might add Sidewalk Prophet's "The Words I Would Say".

    1. I would add Steven's Curtis Chapman's "Miracle of the Moment"