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Top 10 Father's Day Songs and Lyrics

Father's Day Songs and Lyrics

To honor your father on father's day 2009, you could send him father's day gifts, such as the rose flowers, coffee, chocolate, ties, wallet, and men accessories. Also, you can buy some digital products, for example, Camera, Video Camcorder, iPod, iPhone or MacBook notebook as father's day gift.

Furthermore, make a DVD slideshow as father's day gift could be very special. Watching the photo slideshow story on TV, you could recollect the rememberable past times together with your dearest father. That would be the most precious time and it's a good possibility to increase emotions between you and your father. Here is my top 10 suggested father's day songs for father's day slideshow, as well as for other purposes.

Top 10 Father's Day songs for slideshow

1. Dance With My Father
2. Papa Can You Hear Me?
3. Father and Son
4. Father and Daughter
5. Things I Wish I'd Said
6. The Father's Song
7. Daddy's Hands
8. Dear Old Dad
9. The Mandolin Song
10. Happy Father's Day to You

Dance With My Father

by Luther Vandross
If I could get another chance,
another walk,
another dance with him
I'd play a song that would never, ever end
How I'd love, love, love
To dance with my father again

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Papa Can You Hear Me?

by Tamela Mann
Father can you hear me
We need your love today
I know that you are listening
you hear men everyday
Father please hear us
and we will be ok
father we need you to heal families today

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Father and Son

by Cat Stevens
It's not time to make a change,
Just sit down, take it slowly.
You're still young, that's your fault,
There's so much you have to go through.
Find a girl, settle down,
If you want you can marry.
Look at me, I am old, but I'm happy.

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Father and Daughter

by Paul Simon
I'm gonna watch you shine
Gonna watch you grow
Gonna paint a sign
So you'll always know
As long as one and one is two wooo
There could never be a father who loved
His daughter more than I love you

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Things I Wish I'd Said

by Rodney Crowell
And every thing I felt for you
Has been turned to something new
And this is love I feel today
It will never go away

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The Father's Song

by Small Fred
The Father's song
The Father's love
You sung it over me and for eternity
It's written on my heart
You sing it over me

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Daddy's Hands

by Holly Dunn
Daddy's hands were soft and kind when I was cryin
Daddy's hands were hard as steel when I'd done wrong
Daddy's hand weren't always gentle but I've come to understand
there was always love in daddy's hands

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Dear Old Dad

by Ron Brown
Who can fix my broken bike?
Whose strong hands can hold me tight?
When I need someone to make things right,
It's my dear old Dad.

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The Mandolin Song

by Rosenshontz
Yes, when my dad played the mandolin
You could almost hear the orchestra play
When my dad played the mandolin
A waltz is what he played.

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Happy Father's Day to You

by N-toon
Dad I'm sending you this letter to let you know
I've been thinking 'bout you
All the kids at school are ready for the holidays
That's when I really miss you
Happy Father's Day to you
Happy Father's Day
I miss you daddy
I love you badly
I still have faith in you

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