Thursday, May 21, 2009

How to autoplay youtube video in myspace

This tutorial explains how to embed youtube video in myspace and make it automatically play when someone visit your myspace profile:

Step 1: Get youtube video embed code

After you have uploaded video (How to create?) to youtube, go to My Videos after hanging your mouse cursor over your account name on top, and click the video thumbnail you want to add to myspace profile. When the video is open, on the right hand side, locate Embed and right click it to copy the embed code.

Step 2: Paste youtube video embed code in myspace

Now browse and login. Go through Profile/Edit Profile/About Me text area. Then paste youtube video embed code to this text area. Finally save the changes. In Myspace profile, I usually embed youtube video like this:

Step 3: Edit embed code

By default, the embeded youtube video won't play automatically, you have to click the Play button to start. However, with little change, you can make youtube video in myspace profile autoplay. Here is how:

Change youtube video link from


Tip: Similarly, to loop youtube video on myspace, add &loop=1 to the end of URL for both <object> and <embed> tag in the HTML code. Like so:

Done. Now, you can view embedded youtube video as soon as you enter your myspace profile page. And loop youtube video if you have made loop setting.

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