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How to Create Photo Slideshow for Myspace

This article contains following parts about how to embed photo slideshow for Myspace profile:

Part 1: Generate Myspace video slideshow
Part 2: Upload photo slideshow to Youtube
Part 3: Add photo slideshow to Myspace profile page

Myspace - A Place for Friends, where you could find friends & classmates, meet new people, listen to free music & build playlists, share photos, watch videos and more. To have a good beginning here, you need to decorate your Myspace profile page to well introduce yourself and attract more friends. This article will tell you how to create and insert photo slideshow to Myspace profile. Now let's go!

What you need:
1. Digital pictures, good music and some creativity
2. Photo slideshow software (here takes Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder for example)

Part 1: Generate Myspace photo slideshow

Nowadays, making Myspace slideshow is a piece of cake. You can either use photo slideshow software or online slideshow making service. What I like is the Myspace slideshow generator, through which I could save the original project and easily modify it later if required. Therefore,
First, download Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder and install. After finished, launch it and you will start from Slideshow tab, in which import everything you need to create Myspace slideshow, for example, digital photos for Myspace slideshow, Myspace slideshow music, video to make Myspace slideshow, etc.

Second, add some words/subtitles on your Myspace slideshow. If you are making Myspace slideshow concerning to your daily life, give some explanation using animated titles, say what, when and how the photo is taken. To do so, turn to Timeline view and double click Subtitle track to start. And input desired text before assigning text effects.

Third, it's now the time to publish Myspace slideshow. You need to switch to Create tab and select MP4 or other format as long as it's the video formats that could be accepted by Youtube. Furthermore, you could also make some detailed video setting if you know what you are doing. Then, click Start to go on generating. It may take you some time. Take a cup of coffee and the Myspace slideshow could be done.

Part 2: Upload photo slideshow to Youtube

Actually, other video sharing sites also works, say Vimeo, Yahoo Video, etc. Since YouTube is more popular, you could sign up an account to host your created Myspace slideshow video. Afterwards, sign in and locate Upload button on youtube. In the pop-up browser window, locate the created Myspace slideshow video and click OK to start uploading. The description info for Myspace video on Youtube is not indispensable, you could leave it empty or just specify a suitable title.

Now the most important thing in this part is to copy the embed code of Myspace slideshow. After Myspace slideshow is uploaded to youtube and processed, go to slideshow video page and locate Embed phase. Right-click the embed code and select Copy. Then, go to Part 3.

Part 3: Add photo slideshow to Myspace profile page

After login your Myspace account, go to Edit Profile. On the left hand side, select which part you want to show off your photo slideshow for Myspace. I usually place it to "About Me" part. In fact, you could even put the photo slideshow for Myspace in Who I'd Like to Meet box. That means, two photo slideshow would be available in your Blurb of Myspace profile.

OK, right-click text box and paste the embed code you copied previously, or simply through Ctrl+V hotkey. Finally, save the changes to Myspace profile page and preview it. You could immediately watch your photo slideshow for Myspace. What you need to do next is telling your friend and see how they are shocked by your inspirations and creativity. So, why not download Myspace slideshow generator to have a try?

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1. To make youtube video autoplay on myspace, add &autoplay=1 to the end of URL for both <object> and <embed> tag in the HTML code. Here is the example.
2. 1. To loop youtube video on myspace, add &loop=1 to the end of URL for both <object> and <embed> tag in the HTML code. Like so:

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