Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tips for Graduation Slide Show - Graduation Slideshow Ideas

Graduation is the most memorable time for many people. They will recollect every detail when talking about those special moment. Want to do something for the graduation party or graduation ceremony? Follow me to know about tips for graduation slide show. By collect digital photos/videos taken for past several years and make a fantastic graduation slideshow. You will be the star of the graduation party or ceremony.

1. Decide Graduation slide show style

What's theme of the graduation slide show? It could be a cheerful barbecue in the park, a far away mountain climb, or an unforgettable win of baseball match. It's all up to you. Make everyone happy, excited or touched. This is the power of your creativity and the slides.

2. Choose photos and videos

People usually make graduation slide show with graduation ceremony photos. It's a good idea. And I think this is another way to preserve graduation photos. In addition, I prefer adding earlier photos/videos of classmates, say while some people discussing, talking, eating or making faces, to create a touched graduation slide show. Photo slideshow maker provides built-in tool to edit photo and video, you could easy edit photo or trim video to create satisfied graduation slide show.

3. Select best graduation music

A graduation song could easily set the mood of graduation slide show. The selection of graduation song is important and it should be in accordance with the selected photos/videos. Match your graduation slide show the most suitable music. In Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder, you can sync the graduation music easily with photos/videos under Timeline view.

4. Use effects to enhance slide show

Never make a dull slide show for graduation. Use transition effect and many zoom/pan effect to make all slides animated. Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder comes with tons of good-looking 2D and animated 3D effects. Preview the result before applying to your selected video and photos.

5. Add Titles to slide show

Add any words you want to speak to audience. These words are called subtitle/caption of graduation slide show. You could either add static text on photo or animated titles on top of graduation slide show.

6. Include Intro and Credit

It's a good idea to put an intro on the beginning of graduation slide show, and contain a credit in the end. In Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder, easily add a blank slide and express your self with desired words.

7. Author a good-looking DVD menu

A DVD menu is crucial to the first impression of graduation slide show. Moreover, you should select a favorite graduation song for your slide show. Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder provides many free DVD menu template, based on which you can quickly make your DVD menu good-looking and professional.

8. Burn Graduation Slide Show onto DVD or save as video

Nowadays, uploading a video to YouTube is popular and easy to share with your classmates, who could watch your graduation slide show from anywhere. But if you need to play the slide show in graduation party or ceremony, directly burn graduation slide show onto DVD , and play with DVD player. You could also save graduation slide show as video and play it with popular video player. By connecting your computer to big screen, people will watch graduation slide show as well. Furthermore, you could make everyone a graduation DVD copy, saving the memory for ever.

Now, what are you waiting for? Graduation ceremony and party are coming up. Hurry up to prepare and wish you a memorable graduation of lifetime.

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