Saturday, May 30, 2009

How to Create Father's Day DVD Slideshow

The third Sunday in June is Father's Day for Americans. We don't need more words to tell how important our fathers are in our family. On Father's Day, do what you can to show your gratitude to your father, and honor the memories you have lived together with your father and bring it back to life.

Making Father's Day DVD slideshow is a good Father's Day idea to show your emotions. Gather up pictures of yesterday and maybe 10 years ago, display them chronologically on slideshow DVD, using good-looking transition effects and emotional titles.

Father's Day DVD Slideshow Tutorial

1. Memorial pictures/video
2. Favorite music (see here for Father's Day song suggestions. )
3. photo slideshow software

Step 1: Add Father's Day photo/video and music

Download dvd slideshow software - easy to use DVD slideshow maker and install it. Add Father's Day pictures, video and background music to storyboard. To sync pictures and music, switch to Timeline view and adjust picture durations, or edit music length.

If required, click the transition thumbnail between pictures on storyboard to specify your own transition effects. In addition, you could also adjust selected transition through options in Transition Effect dialog.

father's day dvd slideshow

Step 2: Add Father's Day DVD slideshow Titles

In my opinion, titles are very important to Father's Day DVD slideshow. There are sometimes some words you have never said to your father. On this Father's Day, why not say it out in your Father's Day DVD slideshow. To gain a funny result, you can even define an animated slideshow titles, say scrolling, circle, rolling, flash, and more.

Step 3: Author DVD slideshow menu

If you want to play Father's Day DVD slideshow on TV, a slideshow DVD menu is essential. Now author an interesting Father's Day DVD slideshow Menu Templates based on built-in DVD menu template. To do so, switch to Menu tab, and simply double-click the DVD menu template on the left hand side to apply it to your Father's Day DVD slideshow. Afterwards, author your personalized Slideshow DVD menu by editing menu text, slideshow frame, menu background music, and more...

Father's Day slideshow DVD menu

Step 4: Burn Father's Day slideshow DVD or create video

Burn Father's Day slideshow onto DVD is an easy job for Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder. After customized Father's Day DVD slideshow and authored a personalized DVD menu, just go to Create tab to burn Father's Day DVD slideshow on DVD or create Father's Day DVD slideshow video in various formats. Once finished, enjoy the Father's Day slideshow DVD on big screen TV. Alternatively, upload it to YouTube and tell your father the address so that he can watch it from every corner of the world.

add captions
Now what are you waiting for, get the DVD slideshow maker for free and create Father's Day DVD slideshow from scratch. Happy Father's Day 2009!

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