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How to Make Photo Slideshow for blog/website/myspace

This tutorial explains how to make photo slideshow and embed into your blog or website. It will be divided into 3 parts:

Part 1. Create photo slideshow
Part 2. Upload photo slideshow to youtube
Part 3. Embed youtube video to Myspace/blog/web page

Part 1. Create photo slideshow

Use your favorite photo slideshow maker to make photo slideshow. Here I use Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder for example. It's a superb easy to use slideshow making software. Within 3 steps, you can get the amazing photo slideshow. No complicated skills needed.

Slideshow Example for Myspace, Blog and website

Step 1: Add everything, pictures, videos, music

Download and install this movie maker software. Once launched, you will start from Slideshow tab. Here, import favorite pictures/videos and music to the storyboard. If required, double-click media source to edit.

Step 2: Add titles

Switch to Timeline and double-click Subtitle track to bring up the Add Subtitle dialog, in which you can add stunning slideshow subtitles at your pleasure. Note that you could control 3 actions of the slideshow subtitle: Entrance, Emphasis, Exit. Every action could be assigned one text effect, so that your slideshow subtitle could be well controlled.

Step 3: Create slideshow video for youtube

The Menu tab could be omitted if you just make photo slideshow for blog/web page. Now go to Create tab and select MP4, AVI, WMV, 3GP, MPEG-I, MPEG-II as output video formats, all of which are supported by youtube. Waiting for some time before the slideshow video is generated. The time depends on the video length.
Tips: More audio and video options are available if you know what they mean.

Part 2. Upload photo slideshow to youtube

When the photo slideshow is ready, open your web browser and sign in Then locate Upload button and click it to start the upload process. You need at least specify which slideshow should be uploaded via the Browse button.
After uploaded, it's time to get the embed code for blog/web page. Find the embed and right-click to copy. Get illustrated by the following figure.

Part 3. Embed youtube video to blog/web page/myspace profile

It's almost done. Now open a blog post, web page or myspace profile and paste the embed code before saving changes.
For blog:

For web page (between <body>and </body>):

For myspace profile:

Save changes and preview your photo slideshow now and enjoy!

Tip: How to autoplay/loop youtube video on Myspace/Blog/website
1. To customize the slideshow video size, simply change the Width and Height attribute to desired value, so that myspace slideshow could best fit to myspace profile page.
2. To make youtube video autoplay on myspace, add &autoplay=1 to the end of URL for both <object> and <embed> tag in the HTML code. Here is the example.
3. 1. To loop youtube video on myspace, add &loop=1 to the end of URL for both <object> and <embed> tag in the HTML code. Like so:

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