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Mother's Day Photo Slideshow Tutorial - Tips and Guides

Mother's Day, also known as "second Sunday in May", is the day to celebrate your mom and all she have devoted to your family. Now it's the time to start planning for the Mother's Day. Why not make this one the most special Mother's Day she's ever had?

As for me, I plan to create a Mother's Day slide show on DVD and watch with my mom. This would definitely touch my mother's heart because she is such a susceptible mother, and above all, she loves me so much that she is proud of everything I do for her.

How about this Mother's Day idea? If you also want to make a Mother's Day slide show, either heart-warming or funny, go through this photo to DVD slideshow tutorial, and give a perfect Mother's Day to your dear mom.

7 Tips for Making the Special Mother's Day Slide Show

1. Decide What slide show could be made
A slide show tells the family member every detail of your mother? A happy travel photo slideshow using videos and photos of beautiful views? Or a newly born baby slide show that every mom remember so much? Besides, I think some embarrassing and funny shots could generate a good slide show, which brings happiness to every one in your family. Funny events, happy talk and grateful thought should be done on Mother's Day.

2. Choose photos and videos
It's a difficult thing to choose mostly suitable photos and video from tons of them to make Mother's Day slide show. A good suggestion is that mainly select those that have significant and remarkable meanings, since you will tell a story with those videos and photos. With regard to story, if your mother has collected the Mother's Day cards you sent to her for years, why not bring them from your mom and take photos, with which create an emotional slide show.

3. Use effects to enhance slide show
Never make a dull slide show on Mother's Day. Use smooth transition effect and many zoom/pan effect to make the slide show lively. Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder comes with good-looking 2D and animated 3D effects. Preview the result before applying to your selected video and photos.

4. Add Titles to slide show
Express yourself with words on slide show. These words are usually called subtitle/caption. You could even use some animated titles on top of Mother's Day slide show. In addition, Mother's Day Poems could also be added to your slide show. Remember the letters you write to your mom when you are very young? They are also original source for touched Mother's Day slide show.

5. Include Intro and Credit page
It's a good idea to put a intro on the beginning of Mother's Day slide show, and contain a credit to people, especially your mother, who watch the photo slide show for Mother's Day. In Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder, easily add a blank slide and express your self with emotional words.

6. Author a personalized DVD menu
A good-looking DVD menu is crucial to the first impression of slide show. Moreover, you should select a favorite Mother's Day song for your slide show. Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder provides many free DVD menu template, based on which you can quickly make your DVD menu personalized.

7. Burn Mother's Day Slide Show onto DVD or save as video
Nowadays, uploading a video to YouTube is popular and easy to share with your family members, who could come from all over the world. But generally, you spend the Mother's Day at home, right? So, directly burn Mother's Day slide show onto DVD disc, and play on home TV using DVD player. With Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder, switch to Create tab to burn DVD, without any third-party burning software. Apart from watch DVD with your mother, deliver slide show DVD as Mother's Day Gift would also be a great surprise to your mother miles away from you.

Start to make Mother's Day Slide Show

Step 1: Import Mother's Day photos/video and music

Download Photo slideshow software and install it. In the slide show tab, you can import your prepared photo and video into the program through the Add Photo/Video button. And if required, you can also edit the imported photo/video using the built-in tools issued by double-clicking photo/video thumbnails on Storyboard.

Creating a Mother's Day photo slide show with music will captivate your audience more easily. You are recommended to make a Mother's Day photo slide show by adding traditional Mother's Day songs.

Step 2: Change transition or motion effect

By default, once you import photo/video, random transition effects would be applied automatically. However, you can change them as this: click thumbnails on Storyboard between two photo thumbs to bring up the editing dialog, in which click any transition effect to preview and click Apply to replace current one. You can also specify motion effect (also known as Ken-Burns effect) to desired photo. To do so, click the pentagram on photo thumbnail to open the Motion Effect panel and apply similarly as above.

Step 3: Author Mother's Day slide show DVD menu

Only If you want to burn your Mother's Day slide show onto DVD, SVCD, VCD Disc, is it necessary to configure a professional menu. After switching to Menu tab, simply double-click the Mother's Day DVD menu template on the left hand side to apply it to your Mother's Day slide show. Next, edit the menu as you like, including menu titles, slide show thumbnail, menu text and DVD menu background music.

Step 4: Burn DVD or create video

It's time now to burn your Mother's Day slide show onto disc or create video in various formats. Burning DVD disc with Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder is an easy job. There is only one thing you should pay main attention to. Make sure you have select the correct TV Standard before burning. Otherwise, you would encounter problems. For American people, please select NTSC standard. After burning, insert into your DVD player and enjoy Mother's Day slide show on big screen TV. Alternatively, share on YouTube with friends and family. Note that both *.mp4, *.avi, *.3gp and *.wmv video files generated with Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder are supported by

In a word, Happy Mother's Day and Good Hearth to all mothers in the world!

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