Saturday, November 14, 2009

DVD slideshow motion template

Best way to create Motion DVD Slideshow

Saving photos to DVD is one of the easiest, most reliable ways to store and preserve your memories. People can share their memories on DVD with friends and family. All the photos you've taken with your digital camera are already in file form and perfect for saving to DVD.

There are many decent photo slideshow software that saves your time to make fair DVD slideshow of memories. But now the latest DVD Slideshow Builder helps you transform still photos and videos to motion DVD slideshow in minutes, including motion effects for still photos, dynamic DVD menu and animated titles.

With motion effects, dynamic DVD menu and animated titles, you bring memories to motion and amaze friends and family. Download Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder to make motion DVD slideshow in minutes. You will never have second chance to recreate celebrated moments in time. Action now to save family treasure forever in motion DVD slideshow!

Motion Titles

It is necessary to add animated titles for a motion DVD slideshow. By doing this, you can express yourself in special and maybe funny way. Besides, ever be impressive by the end scrolling credits of movies? You could also achieve this in Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder. After input titles, simply add effects to make it move.


Need special fonts for slideshow titles? Download here and install to system first.

Choose appropriate Motion Effects

In my opinion, transition effects make your photo show automatically, while motion effects give DVD photo slideshow a film style - a real movie. The motion effects, Ken-Burns effects, displayed slow with zooming and panning effects were firstly applied to video by Ken-Burns in the historical documentaries. Later, motion effects are widely used by other film maker. Now you can also make a DVD slideshow with motion pictures using DVD Slideshow Builder.


Motion DVD Menu Templates

 The new released DVD Slideshow Builder contains 8 cool dynamic DVD menu templates so that you can use them to author a professional DVD menu coming with the motion DVD slideshow. Three dynamic menu templates are included in the trial DVD slideshow builder, while the other 5 free dynamic menu templates need to be downloaded through the link "Download Free Templates" in the software interface. To use motion menu template, simply double-click to apply and right-click on work place for more customizable options. By the way, you could even specify a motion slideshow thumbnail. Everything could be moving if you like! Here is a birthday motion menu template for DVD slideshow.
More Free Motion Menus


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