Tuesday, July 06, 2010

How to Add Text Titles to Slideshow

Creative suggestions for a family slideshow title?

I'm taking tons of pictures and turning them into a DVD slide show with slideshow titles at the request of my grandparents, but I am drawing a blank on what to call it. The pictures will span from them when they were dating through the present, about 50 years of family history in pictures.

Slideshow titles are texts and captions displayed at the bottom, top, right and left of a slideshow, as well as rolling and scrolling from one side to another, like the ending credits of a movie. A wide range of text effects add motions to your slideshow texts.

Adding Animated Slideshow Texts

Text animations for flash or animated titles for DVD slideshow add more fun and functions to your slideshow. In our dvd slideshow builder , we divide the text animation into at least two stages: Entrance and Exit, each of which has many text effects to choose from (See below). The most popular effects for text animation are Fade, Fly, Rotate and Zoom.
Making text animation is easy. Usually create a new text item, input texts and select text effects, and then you can preview it before confirming. Besides, many text font settings are available, like Font, Color, Size, etc. It's a good idea to select stunning fonts together with specific text effect for a stunning text animation.
Slideshow Text Tip: Slideshow titles for DVD slideshow have an extra stage called "Emphasis". Give it a special text effect from Color Wave, Flash, Melt, and so on.

Commonly used Text Effects for Slideshow Titles

Fly In
Fade In
Helix In
Zoom In
Circumvolve In
Jalousie In
Rect In
Rect In Ex
Diamond In Ex
AlongArc In
Erase In
Zoom Out
Fly Out
Fade Out
Helix Out
Circumvolve Out
Jalousie Ou
Rect Out
Rect Out Ex
Diamond Out
Diamond Out Ex
Along Arc Out

Erase Out
This is the end of making slideshow with text using Home DVD Movie making software, or you can realize text slideshow by JavaScript coding.

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