Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Free Photo Editing Software

Best Free Photo Editing Software

Half of the fun of shooting digital pictures is to edit the photo using software to get the best result you want. There are many good photo slideshow maker from simple to advanced that can help any amateur photographer for free. Here are my top choices for no cost software photo editors, based on the type of changes you might want to use.
GIMP – Steep learning curve but very high-end features
GIMP is an free photo editing application similar to Photoshop, of course it has its differences but the goal is the same, the program allows us to edit and modify photos for free as part of GNU free software.

We can edit, make photo compositions or alterations so easy with a fairly extensive set of tools, this allows us to make adjustments very simple and in turn is also geared for demanding and professional people in what is graphic design for example.

With GIMP you can edit an image both of them as a set, you can rotate them, re-size or convert them into other formats including the most known as bmp, jpeg, gif or png. The program is compatible with Windows and works with all Windows versions from 2000, then I give you the link for free download.

For amateurs who need some serious editing photos power, GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a raster graphics editor, provides very sophisticated features. Like the commercial software Adobe Photoshop, you can perform many tasks with sophisticated editing in GIMP. In development since 1995, this free photo editing software is available on virtually any platform, including Mac OS. The features are extensive which means that there is somewhat of a stiff learning curve too. But for dedicated amateurs, it is an excellent choice and can provide many of the same abilities of popular and expensive commercial software for photo editing. But there are a ton of tutorials and forums that can help get a new user up to speed quickly.

Picasa – Google’s Photo Editor and Also A Online Sharing Version
If you want to both edit and share your photos online, Google has an online application called Picasa that can do both. One of Google’s new free photo editing applications created in recent years, Picasa has many features and is very easy to learn and use. You can edit your pictures, then organize them into web albums and share them with friends and family online with Picasa Web Albums application. It also gives you a great way to safeguard important photos just in case your home computer loses your original copies. You can also order prints and even elements with printed pictures for gifts.
Ifranview – Best known for viewing but also has photo editing capabilities.
Extremely easy to learn and use for basic photo editing like cropping, color adjustments, special effects, and file formats. It was first published in 1995 and if you just want to crop and rotate, change the file type, or adjust the color balance of a picture, this is a good tool. Extremely simple but and easy to learn than more complicated image editors. It is small, fast on any computer, and also has a great slide viewer too.

With the holiday season fast approaching, it is time to grab the digital camera and start taking photos. Even if you don’t always get the perfect shot, you can go and make changes or improvements using one of these free photo software editors,and turn your photos into precious photo DVD movies.
Now you got beautiful photos, what you need next is a good photo slideshow software to turn them into a movie to show anywhere you want. Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder should be your first choice.

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