Thursday, May 26, 2011

3 Tips speed up YouTube Videos

3 Tips on Speed up Your YouTube Videos
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Yes, we love watching videos on YouTube, but it is really annoying when YouTube is slow. I have experienced this problem several times: Once I click the play button on a YouTube video, I have to wait for a pretty long time for the video to load up and play smoothly. So I just did a little internet search for the solutions. Any other better way to fix this problem is appreciated.

There are many possible causes that affect the running speed of your online videos on your system, which include everything from the “Web Browser”, the settings of your PC and so on. To improve the loading speed of YouTube videos on your system, you can follow these 3 tips that can make YouTube videos load faster:

1. Re-Install Your Web Browser
Re-install the web browser on which you are trying to watch the videos: Click “Start”- “Control Panel”- “Uninstall Program”- Locate your web browser -“Remove” / “Uninstall”- Restart your computer- Re-Install the browser.
This should clean out any corrupted or damaged files the browser may have – boosting your PC’s reliability and speed and result. This will work for around 60% of people who are experiencing slow YouTube issues.

2. Make Sure The Internet Speed Is Fast Enough
Obviously a fast Internet connection is going to be vital in being able to run YouTube videos. This can be achieved by first looking at how fast the “raw” connection of your PC is – through clicking onto “” and then determining how fast your connection is.

3. Clean Out The Registry Of Windows
Use a registry cleaner program to scan through your computer and get rid of any possible errors that are inside the registry database. Not many PC users actually know about the existence of the registry, but it is really important because it’s continually causing a lot of problems for your system through it becoming damaged and unreadable. So repairing the registry will boost the speed of your computer.

So is your current YouTube video loading smoothly? If no, you could spend little time to try these tips which may save you lots of waiting time.

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