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Free PDF converter doPDF7.2

Review of Free PDF converter software on the net then connect to our PDF
Review: Free PDF converter - doPDF7.2
PDF stands for (portable document format). It provides a safe technique for sharing files. Creating PDF from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, HTML, and Text is available, but once the user creates the PDF format, he doesn't able to edit the resulted files.
doPDF is a helpful PDF creator for both commercial and personal use. It is a freeware PDF creator; you can generate the PDF files by selecting the "Print" command from virtually any application. The best yet, is you are able to convert any Microsoft Excel, Word or PowerPoint documents or lovely web sites and emails to PDF files.
To modify or edit any PDF, PDF converters may be of a great solution. The quality of the output result depends upon the converter itself and the way it handles the PDF components. Just select reliable software to get back any PDF components such as, images, tables, columns, and text. I liked AnyBizSoft PDF Converter for Windows 2.5.0 as I was satisfied with the result, and the software is capable of handling the complex documents.
How does doPDF7.2 work?
It works like a virtual printer driver. In this way, the doPDF7.2 will appear as a printer and you can see it in all programs. The doPDF convert documents to PDF in two methods:
The first one is print to PDF through the virtual printer driver doPDF. It is the same as printing to a normal printer.
The second method is using the start menu to open the program then begin to convert files.
Key features of doPDF7.2
Several predefined page size such as: A6, A5, A4, Legal, Letter, Envelope DL/ B5/ C5/Monarch. Furthermore, it is possible to customize your page size.
You could choose to use millimeters, inches or points.
Custom graphic resolution is available between 72 and 2400 dpi.
With a lower resolution, you would obtain a smaller PDF file but low quality. To obtain high quality, you should use high resolution.

Advantages to use doPDF7.2
It’s easy-to-use software and it does not need for GhostScript so the size of setup file is small with regard to other free PDF creator programs.
It is free of charge for either personal or use business, but upgrade to novaPDF is available.
It is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit system.
doPDF convert any type of printable document such as XLS, DOC, XLSX, PUB, DOCX, PUBX, PPTX, PPT,TXT, HTML, and more to PDF.
The resulted PDF is searchable; the search engines can find a text in the PDF.
The interface is available in about 33 languages.
It doesn't use much of computer resources.
The disadvantages of doPDF
To read my created PDF files I had to use the free Adobe Reader, as with doPDF I can only print to PDF. We hope we can read or pdf files with doPDF in the coming versions. Furthermore, doPDF doesn't allow editing PDF files format nor does convert from PDF into a different format. To convert my PDF, I used the brilliant program AnyBizSoft PDF Converter for Windows 2.5.0. The best is AnyBizSoft is free to try.

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