Thursday, July 14, 2011

free tools easily convert PDF

Through this post, I will present several tools for converting PDF documents. To be specific, we will see all the 11 spilled here and there on the web.

Convert PDF to Word
This is very nice, graphically speaking, and quite successful; it will allow you to convert a PDF file into Word, and this without entering any web address.

Its functions are all in the name; it will allow very simple conversion from RSS to PDF.

Pdf to htm
Like its predecessor, the name speaks for itself, htm file conversion to PDF. Its use is also very simple, just give the address of the webpage in question and click "Convert".

Pdf is Fly
Here, for once, the name is evocative, it's not a tool to transform the PDF into a fly, but it can convert a Web page Pdf file download. No need to give your email address, and in addition it is fast.

Create Pdf
This is created by Adobe, so it is likely that this is the top, it is true that this is the Rolls-Royce of converters, but you have the right to convert 5 files, because after those 5 you have to pay. But you can test it for free...

Doc to Pdf
It allows you convert your Word documents. And even the doc. Docx package of the new Microsoft. The conversion is super fast, and it is very simple level use.

Pdf Converter
This one is pretty cool, to the extent that it will convert in both directions, web, Word, to PDF and PDF to Word, etc. Con: must provide your email address, which can be used to attach the file if desired.

Google Docs Beta
And yes, we could not forget Big Brother, in this one, a function exists that can save documents in PDF format. But it is essential to provide a Gmail account for access.

Guardar como PDF
Here, the translation is not too hard, we can say "save to PDF". It is very nice and can convert Doc, Txt, Rtf, Jpg, Xls, PPT to PDF. It is very fast, but you will have to leave your email, because the converted file will be sent to your address.

PDF Express
I like this one although it is true that at graphic level, it is not great. But it converts. Doc, Xls, HTML to PDF files. With options that you will not find everywhere, that is, you can choose the format A4, A3, Letter, Portrait, Landscape, etc..

It ends with this one because it is the most comprehensive of all, because it converts a very large amount of formats, documents, images, music, videos, etc ... and you delivery is by mail.

Wondershare PDF Converter

Though not included in this list, Wondershare PDF Converter is an amazing tool which seems to be gaining grounds and growing in popularity. A wide range of those who have given this software a try, only have good things to say about it. Its dynamic interface makes it a go getter and a must have for people who are always converting online. It is easy to use and the speed is outstanding. It integrates all the features of both free and commercial conversion tools. Two thumbs up Wondershare PDF Converter!

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