Wednesday, July 06, 2011

How to Burn a DVD

DVD is popularly known as Digital Versatile Disk; initially it was known as Digital Video Disk for storing data.

It is possible to burn data on both DVDs and CDs; all you need is the latest DVD burning software like Nero 9, Super DVD Creator 9.8.8. This software is available in computers and laptops this is useful to save, protect data or to copy current data in a DVD. DVDs can be burnt in Windows Media Center.

This process involves the following:
Burning data to a DVD: To burn data of a DVD with 4.7 GB takes approximately 20 minutes or less, it depends on the speed of DVD Burning Software. View the burned data with the help of DVD drive in a computer.

To burn data, check the supported format by the system, when ‘R’ is denoted on a DVD, it can be burnt once and when ‘RW’ is denoted, that DVD can be burnt multiple times. If it is denoted by ‘-‘that implies DVD has undergone standard testing to meet the requirement of the DVD forum. When a DVD is denoted by ‘+’ it is not authorised by the DVD forum and when you are not sure about the procedure always do test burn.

Burning Multimedia files to a DVD: These are larger files, mainly contains videos from internet, digital camera or televisions. The latest DVD Burning software gives an option to add subtitles. Sometimes VHS tape should be converted to DVD.

Burning and copying a commercial DVD: It is not legal to burn or copies a commercial DVD, there are advanced burning software to crack and decode the right of digital management. It is not possible to add good quality video for more than ninety minutes.

Most of the commercial DVDs will have up to 9 GB data; this should always be compressed to 4.7 GB, so that will fit into normal DVD and then it can be burnt by using any latest DVD burning software.

Burning a DVD using Nero: It is one of frequently used software which comes as a bundle in new laptops and computers, when the Nero window appears, select all the files and drag them to viedo_TS folder not to DVD root and burn and with in few minutes DVD will be available.

Burning ISO file: In the Nero there is Recorder and it gives an option to burn images to a DVD. Disk image is called as ISO image and it has an extension of “iso”, when ISO image is burned in a DVD, it can be played and appears as an original image. Before burning the ISO image there should be enough space available in a DVD. The dual layer DVD can store up to 8GB.

If you are using iMovieon Mac to make movies, it can't burn DVDs itself. iDVD is needed. However, the newest Mac system doesn't provide iDVD any more. You can go to for a check.

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