Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Quick time Over View

QuickTime is a video player produced by Apple Inc. Quick time is suitable for a vast range of digital video formats. So it is compatible to pictures, sound, panoramic images, and interactivity. It is available for Microsoft Windows operating systems and Mac OS systems .The newest version is QuickTime X (10.0) and is presently only available on Mac OS X v10.6 and v10.7.before we talk about Quick time generally, we are going to reveal our review on the latest version.

Our review on Quick Time 7
Of sure, H.264 codec delivered improved quality over Apple's MPEG-4 technology. You can't play H.264 video on any pre-QuickTime 7 players, so to explore your files you have to download the new version.
iTunes 5 is included in the standard QuickTime bundle. This makes the download about 33MB. During setup, you should take care or iTunes will be your default audio player. But you are able of uninstalling iTunes without uninstalling QuickTime 7.

How to get Quick Time?
You can get QuickTime free of charge for both Windows operating systems and Mac OS X.
Quick Time for personal computer (Microsoft Windows) is downloadable; you can download either a standalone application or bundled with iTunes package. For Mac operating systems QuickTime is embedded with Mac OS X, but with earlier versions of Mac it was an optional installation.
To get Quick Time Pro you should purchase the product key to get the locked features
Apple offers the Software development kits of QuickTime to be open to the public with the subscription to Apple Developer.

Some applications such as iTunes based on Quick Time framework. iTunes provide features that do not exist in QuickTime Player. iTunes able to export WAV, AIFF, MP3, AAC, file formats.

QuickTime Pro
QuickTime Player is just for fundamental playback operations. To use the locked additional features you should get QuickTime Pro license key. This means picking a license key does not lead to any additional download just let the locked features to be available.

Features available with Quick Time Pro
By Pro key many features such as copy and paste functions, editing video tools such as cropping and rotation, merging of separate audio and video tracks will be available.
Also, Exporting and saving many codes that are supported by QuickTime. With QuickTime 7 you can export videos to Apple TV, a video-capable iPod, and the iPhone by using presets option.
THE Pro key allows you to saving existing QuickTime movies directly from the web to your hard disk drive. Saving movies from a web browser directly to your computers entail two options, the first is "Save as source" which enables you to save the embedded video in its original format. The second option is "Save as QuickTime movie" which enable to save the embedded video in a *.mov file format, regardless to its original format.

QuickTime File Format
The *.mov file format is the format for Quick Time video. It is a multimedia container file that could contain one or more tracks, each track able to carry a specific type of data: video, audio, or text.
QuickTime also supports many other file formats such as MP3, AIFF, DV-DIF, WAV, and MPEG.
In case of using the additional QuickTime Components, you can make use of Flash Video, ASF, DivX Media Format, Ogg, Matroska and other file formats.
Finally, QuickTime is great multimedia technology. The built-in media player allows you to watch personal media, Internet video, HD movie trailers in a vast range of file formats. Enjoy your preferable movies with a remarkably high quality.
With QuickTime Pro, you can export your videos to different formats and edit and record your work smoothly.

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