Friday, May 08, 2009

How to make travel slideshow DVD with music

Many people like traveling. Me too. Usually I travel from one place to another, and lots of photos or video will be taken with my digital camera. Photography enthusiasts involve more in photo taking. How will we treat with these beautiful travel landscapes after coming home? Let them sleep deeply inside our computer folders? No! What a pity! Today, I will introduce you how to share and relive travel photos with others as well as the excited travel experience. And how? Make a travel slideshow DVD or video and start from there...

1. Travel Slideshow Photos/video
2. Favorite music
3. Photo Slideshow Maker

Step 1: Add travel photo/video and music

Download Video Slideshow Maker- easy to use travel slideshow maker and install it. Once open, you will start from Slideshow tab, where you can import your travel photo and video into the program through the Add Photo/Video button. And if required, edit the imported photo/video using the built-in photo/video editing tools issued by double-clicking photo/video thumbnails on Storyboard. To add background, simply double-click the empty area at the bottom to select music file.

add digital media

Step 2: Add DVD Slideshow titles

As for me, I will place an introduction page in the beginning to tell where and when I traveled. In addition, I will write titles to my favorite photos in the travel slideshow, saying something like who is in the photo, how I took it and travel experience. With this travel slideshow maker, you can specify animated titles easily.

add captions

Step 3: Author travel slideshow DVD menu

If you want to play travel slideshow DVD on TV, a travel slideshow DVD menu is essential. Now author a good-looking travel slideshow DVD menu based on built-in DVD menu template. To do so, switch to Menu tab, and simply double-click the DVD menu template on the left hand side to apply it to your travel slideshow. Afterwards, author your personalized travel slideshow DVD menu by editing menu text, slideshow frame, menu background music, and more...

add travel slideshow DVD menu

Step 4: Burn travel slideshow DVD or create video

It's time now to burn your photo slideshow onto travel slideshow DVD or create travel slideshow video in various formats. Once finished, enjoy the travel slideshow DVD on big screen TV. Alternatively, share on YouTube with others from worldwide.

add captions

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