Thursday, May 07, 2009

How to play youtube video on iPod/iTouch/iPhone

Today, I will talk about how to play youtube video on your iPod/iTouch/iPhone. It will be divided into following parts:

Part 1: Download youtube video for iPod/iPhone/iTouch
Part 2: Convert youtube video to playable video for iPod/iTouch/iPhone
Part 3: Transfer converted video to iPod/iTouch/iPhone

What you'll need:
1. photo slideshow maker or free youtube video converter (I use FFMpeg).
2. Apple's iTunes 8 (FREE)

Part 1: Download youtube video for iPod/iPhone/iTouch

Although YouTube Video site doesn't provide direct method to download youtube videos, people could easily realize that small desire right now. Today, I want to tell you one most economic and simple way to download youtube video, not any installation required. Simply go to youtube video downloading sites, e.g. or, input the link and download youtube video by a single click.
Actually, I also usually download youtube video through Firefox extension DownloadHelper, if you use Firefox web browser, too, you could have a try to download as well. Get it here.

Part 2: Convert youtube video to playable video for iPod/iTouch/iPhone

I think the download of youtube video will be very successful as long as you have internet properly connected. Now that the youtube video is oh hand, we will go ahead to edit and convert youtube video to formats supported by iPod/iTouch/iPhone.

Method 1: Gui and Easy to Use

Install and run Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder, import downloaded youtube video (*.flv video). Afterwards, you could either edit youtube video, including crop, rotate, effects and frame, or combine youtube video with favorite photos to a new video. You can even add titles on youtube video. Combine several youtube video clips is also an easy job for Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder. More functions are waiting for you! It's not just a youtube video converter.

When you are satisfied with the result, output the new video in MP4 video format and specify desired video options. Depending on your device, higher parameter may be available, say larger video aspect, better audio quality, etc. According to my own experience, following options for iPod/iTouch/iPhone are generally accepted.

Video Format: MP4
Video Options: H264/320x240/30fps
Audio Options: AAC/44.1kHz

Method 2: Free and Powerful

FFmpeg is a complete solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. It is a command line tool to convert one video file format to another. It also supports grabbing and encoding in real time from a TV card. Now go to next link to get the latest version of FFMpeg. (unzip the file with WinRar and you get the powerful youtube video converter)
Several FFMpeg GUIs are also available like WinFF, Super, google it for more info and download.

Use this command to convert downloaded youtube video in FLV format to MP4 format, which playable on your iPod/iTouch/iPhone.

ffmpeg -i input.flv -acodec libfaac -ab 44100 -vcodec mpeg4 -b 768kb -s 320x240 -y output.mp4

Options Description:
* -i Input file name
* -acodec codec for audio
* -ab Audio bit rate
* -vcodec codec for video
* -b Video bit rate
* -r Frame Rate in fps (frame per second)
* -s Output dimension
* -y Overwrite file without prompt

Part 3: Transfer converted video to iPod/iTouch/iPhone

Now, you get the final video. It's time to transfer it to your IPod/iTouch/iPhone for playback. You need to install iTunes for this purpose. iTunes is the best interface to manage the contents on Apple's popular iPod/iTouch digital media players as well as the iPhone. If you have not yet installed, never mind, download iTunes 8 now. Once installation finished, follow next steps to import your converted youtube video to iTunes Library.

Step 1: Open iTunes.
Step 2: Plug in your iPod/iTouch/iPhone to computer. They will automatically show up in your iTunes under Devices category on the left hand side.
Step 3: Click "File/Add file to library" to import converted youtube video to iTunes Library.
Step 4: Create a new Playlist for saving your converted youtube video, say youtube-video
Step 5: Drag and drop imported youtube video to the playlist.
Step 6: Drag and drop the playlist to your iPod/iTouch/iPhone. (Note: To snyc iPod without deleting other files already in iPod, just set iPod to manual snyc. Click iPod tab and check "Manually manage music and video".)
Step 7: Disconnect your devices and enjoy youtube video on iPod/iTouch/iPhone.

OK, did you get it? There are three key points:
1. Download youtube video successfully
2. Convert youtube video to correct format
3. Move youtube video to iPod/iTouch/iPhone

Done. Get youtube video and put it on your iPod/iTouch/iPhone now. It's not a big deal!

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