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How to Create Picture Slideshow for iPod/iTouch/iPhone

This article explains how to create picture slideshow for iPod/iTouch/iPhone:

Part 1: Create picture slideshow for iPod/iPhone/iTouch
Part 2: Import slideshow to iTunes and transfer to iPod/iTouch/iPhone
Part 3: Free iPod/iPhone/iTouch slideshow maker

What you'll need:
1. Digital pictures, music and some creativity
2. Picture slideshow software (here takes DVD Slideshow Maker for example)
3. Apple's iTunes 8 (FREE)

Part 1: Create picture slideshow for iPod/iPhone/iTouch

To make picture slideshow for iPod/iTouch/iPhone, you could select a favorite slideshow making software. Here I suggest Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder. With it, you could easily create cool and amazing iPod/iTouch/iPhone picture slideshow in a snap. Now follow me to make your first picture slideshow for iPod/iTouch/iPhone, please.

First, download DVD Movie Maker and install. After finished, launch it and you will start from Slideshow tab, in which import everything you need to create iPod/iTouch/iPhone slideshow, for example, digital photos for iPod/iTouch/iPhone slideshow, music, and/or videos to create iPod/iTouch/iPhone slideshow, etc.

Second, add some words/subtitles on your iPod/iTouch/iPhone slideshow. If you are making iPod/iTouch/iPhone slideshow concerning to travel to somewhere, give some explanation using animated titles, say what, when and who the photo is taken. To do so, turn to Timeline view and double click Subtitle track to start. And input desired text before assigning text effects.

Third, switch to Create tab and select MP4 video formats followed by clicking Options button to make settings. Afterwards, click Start to go on generating. It will soon before your iPod/iTouch/iPhone slideshow are ready.
Depends on your device, parameters may vary from time to time. If having problem, you could lower the settings to have a try. Following settings are safe:

Video Format: MP4
Video Options: H264/320x240/30fps
Audio Options: AAC/44.1kHz

Part 2: Import slideshow to iTunes and transfer to iPod/iTouch/iPhone

iTunes is the best interface to manage the contents on Apple's popular iPod/iTouch digital media players as well as the iPhone. If you have not yet installed, never mind, donwload iTunes 8 now. Once installation finished, follow next steps to import your created iPod/iTouch/iPhone slideshow to iTunes Library.

Step 1: Open iTunes.
Step 2: Plug in your iPod/iTouch/iPhone to computer. They will automatically show up in your iTunes under Devices category on the left hand side.
Step 3: Click "File/Add file to library" to import created iPod/iTouch/iPhone picture slideshow to iTunes library.
Step 4: Create a new Playlist for saving your iPod/iTouch/iPhone picture slideshow, say Apple-Slide-Show
Step 5: Drag and drop IPod/iTouch/iPhone slideshow to the playlist.
Step 6: Drag and drop the playlist to your iPod/iTouch/iPhone. (Note: To snyc iPod without deleting other files already in iPod, just set iPod to manual snyc. Click iPod tab and check "Manually manage music and video".)
Step 7: Disconnect your devices and enjoy picture slideshow on iPod/iTouch/iPhone.

Part 3: Free iPod/iPhone slideshow maker

Besides Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder, we also provide free iPod/iTouch/iPhone slideshow maker for you. The general differences are that Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder has more output settings and accordingly could help your make more picture slideshow as several usage.

iPhone 3G Slideshow Maker

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