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Wedding Album Maker - Burn Wedding Photos Albums on DVD

Use Wedding Album Maker to organize digital wedding photos in Album on CD & DVD for TV playback

Wondershare DVD Movie slideshow Builder is a professional wedding photo album maker for new couples. With it, you can easily and quickly create wedding photo album on CD and DVD to play on your big screen TV. From now on, share your love story and the wedding moments anytime and anywhere.
Wedding Album Maker allows you to convert all wedding photos into organized album on DVD in easy steps. After importing wedding photos and music, authoring beautiful album DVD menu Templates, you could then burn wedding photo album DVD with CD and DVD burner. If needed, you could also choose stunning 2D and 3D transition effects. Plus, sweet titles/credits are necessary for wedding photos. It's easy to add animated titles/credits with text effects. In a word, Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder is professional and powerful wedding photo album creator.

Tips for Using Wedding Album Maker

* Place wedding photos in different folders, for example, growing up photos, reception photos, ceremony photos, bridal party photos, etc.
* Select favorite wedding photos. Each photo should get emotional response, either making audience laugh or sweet.
* Suitable wedding songs to make digital wedding album emotional.
* Necessary titles/credits for photos. You could also place part of vows on some wedding photos, but not too long.
* Groom and bride's photos from diapers to diamond, from birth to marriage could be presented in wedding photo album. Wedding photo album is composed of all your sweet memories of your love story.

Easy steps for using Wedding Album Maker

Step 1: Get things Ready

First, your digital wedding photos. It's a good idea to put favorite digital wedding photosin different folders so that you can easily create wedding photo album. If needed, edit your wedding photos with Photoshop. Second, select your favorite wedding song for wedding photo album.

Step 2: Import Photos and Music

Run DVD Slideshow Maker after installed. You will start from Slideshow tab to import photos and music. To do so, click the yellow Add Photos/Videos button and select wedding photos in stored folder. Random transition effects will be automatically applied to wedding photos while importing. To edit photos and music, simply double-click corresponding object on Storyboard. To change transition, click transition thumbnail and select your desired transition in the pop-up dialog.
To create another wedding photo album, you need to add a new slideshow. Each wedding slideshow will show up as one wedding photo album in DVD menu. To add new slideshow, simply click the New button on top left side. You can add up to 32 slideshow/album in one slideshow project, and 1024 photos for each album.

Step 3: Add Sweet Titles/Credits

To add titles, just click "T" icon on top of Storyboard. Add Subtitle dialog will show up. Here, firstly input your titles/credits in the text box and set font attributes, like font, size, color, style, etc. Most important, you could specify text effect to make animated titles/credits. Do as following to make animated for wedding photo album.
1. Change the default entrance effect in Type drop-down list. If needed, set the duration and direction for selected entrance effect.
2. Click on Action drop-down list and select Emphasis.
3. Click on Type drop-down list and select desired effect for Emphasis action.
4. Repeat step 2-3 to set text effect to Exit action.
5. Click play button to preview entire animated titles/credits.
6. Once finished, you will be guided to Timeline view. Here you could drag the ends of subtitle thumbnail to sync title duration with photos/videos.

Step 4: Author Wedding Album DVD Menu

Switch to Menu tab to author a personalized wedding photo album DVD menu. You could click on Category on top left and go to Wedding category to apply a wedding occasion menu template. Next, right click on menu area to customize your wedding photo album DVD menu. For example. You could right-click and select Set Background Image to specify a photo as menu background.
wedding photo album maker DVD menu

Step 5: Burn Wedding Album DVD

Go to Create tab to burn your wedding photo album onto DVD. Prior to this, you could also go to Preview tab to preview your wedding photo album with the help of virtual remote control on right.
Generally speaking, you can directly click Start button to burn your wedding photo album DVD immediately. But you should know that many video&audio options in the Option dialog are provided to high-quality wedding photo album DVD. 4:3 and 16:9 video are also supported. 16:9 wedding photo album DVD could be best presented on your wide-screen TV.
Note that you must select correct TV standard to play your wedding photo album DVD successfully on your TV. If you are in USA, skip this. The default TV standard is NTSC, which USA uses. Otherwise, select your TV standard with the help of Help button in Options dialog.
All is done. Enjoy your wedding photo albums now on TV with DVD player.

System Requirement of Wedding Album Maker

- Microsoft Windows 2000, XP(SP2) and Vista.
- Intel Pentium IV 1GHz and above or AMD Athlon equivalent.
- 256 MB RAM (512MB Recommended).
- Windows-compatible sound card (recommended).
- DVD burner or CD burner.
- DVD Disc (Both DVD±R, DVD±RW, DVD-RAM are supported)
- TV connected to DVD/VCD player.
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