Thursday, June 25, 2009

Travel Slideshow DVD Maker for vacation photos

After a vacation travel, want to showcase your beautiful landscape or just share your travel anecdotes with other using photos? Make a travel slideshow DVD and play on TV. Good DVD Slideshow making software helps you make travel slideshow DVD within clicks. Easily turn your travel photos into travel slideshow DVD with smooth transition effect and beautiful DVD menus, along with favorite travel music. You could also create travel slideshow DVD from your shoot video during vacation travel.

Travel Slideshow DVD Movie Maker Free Trial

Why you need a travel slideshow

  • Create travel slideshow for recalling memories about that vacation travel in special places and with special people.
  • Create travel slideshow as collections of stunning photos with fun-to-read anecdotes.
  • An excellent travel slideshow is also the perfect antidote for people not on the road.
  • Make travel slideshow DVD for long time saving precious memories.
  • Make travel slideshow DVD as travel gift when you are back home.
  • Save travel slideshow as video and upload to internet to tell your travel story.
  • Share your travel experience and travel tips with others.

Guide for Travel Slideshow DVD Making

Step 1: Organize and E Photos and Music

import travel photos and music

Step 2: Design Travel DVD Menu

author travel slideshow dvd menu

Step 3: Preview Travel Slideshow

preview travel slideshow

Step 4: Burn Travel Slideshow DVD

burn travel slideshow dvd

Sample Travel Slideshow DVD

Here is the Travel slideshow sample created with Travel Slideshow Maker. You could also make your own Travel slideshow and convert to DVD.

System Requirement to create Travel slideshow DVD

- Microsoft Windows 2000, XP(SP2) and Vista.
- Intel Pentium IV 1GHz and above or AMD Athlon equivalent.
- 256 MB RAM (512MB Recommended).
- Windows-compatible sound card (recommended).
- DVD burner or CD burner.
- TV connected to DVD/VCD player.

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