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Making Photo DVD Slideshow with Digital Camera

Digital camera is the great widget to capture important events, such as wedding (wedding slideshow), anniversary, baby shower, travel, holidays, etc. Then what have you done with camera photos and video? Import to computer and let it be till some day delete by mistake? Burn to data dvd (OK, this is a dull way)? I usually make dvd slideshow with music form digital camera photos(and even video). What you need is only the digital camera DVD software.

Create Custom DVD Slideshow by Yourself

Instead of making camera DVD slideshow yourself, you could also send your camera photos and videos to some digital service companies. They help you convert camera photos to DVD for you. The quality is always guaranteed. However, if you don't want others see your private photos, or if you would like to enjoy the process of saving precious memories, do it yourself.

Here is what general digital camera software serves

(Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder is recommended)

  • Easily turn your camera photos into DVD slideshow for TV viewing
  • 2D/3D transitions for converting digital camera photo to DVD slideshow
  • Artistic DVD menu templates to author easy navigation menu with music
  • Add multiple favorite music for an entertaining DVD slideshow
  • Put animated slideshow titles and credits anywhere on video
  • Powerful camera photo and video editing tools to touch up everything
  • Burn camera slideshow to DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM

Capture Camera Photos and Videos

a. 1394 FireWire cable or USB cable

Many cameras use the IEEE 1394 FireWire for importing camera photos and video. Before importing, check out the camera battery status and connect your digital camera to computer with 1394 FireWire. Then switch Power button on. The windows computer will automatically detect your camera device. First, appropriate drivers would be installed if required. Next, the AutoPlay dialog will prompt up. Finally, select the task and follow on-screen instruction to complete importing camera photo to computer. Generally, you could find the connected camera in your Windows Explorer.

import camera files via firewire

b. Camera Memory Card

There are also many camera, which saves shoot camera photos and video to camera memory card (SD, CF, Mini SD, Micro SD, etc). Therefore, by using a universal camera memory card reader, you can easy read and save camera photos and videos to computer. To do so, plug camera memory card into card slot on memory card reader, similarly to cable connection mothod, the appropriate drivers will be installed by windows system. Subsequently, you can operate files on memory card like usual files on your system.

import camera files via memory card reader


1. After imported digital camera photos to your computer, turn off your camera and remove the connection cable from your PC.
2. If you know how to import digital camera photos to computer, skip this part.

Making DVD Slideshow with Music

Now that camera photos and videos have been saved to your computer. You should then find some favorite songs to go with camera photo slideshow. Next is to pick out one movie making program to combine photos, videos, music, transition, motion and titles into camera slideshow. Windows Movie Maker is the free movie making software for windows XP. But it can't burn camera photo slideshow to DVD. For Windows Vista, Windows DVD Maker is one choice, but make sure you are using Windows Vista. And one more problem, it doesn't provide enough transitions for making stylish camera photo DVD slideshow. Here I recommend Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder because it is compatible with both Windows XP and Vista, moreover, tons of transitions and DVD menu templates allows you to easily make and burn camera photo slideshow DVD for TV.

Burn Camera Photos DVD to Watch and Share

Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder helps you make and burn camera photo slideshow to DVD, without any other software. The DVD video quality is beyond expect. And by some special customizing and time consuming, you could get higher quality camera photo slideshow on DVD. Once the camera photos DVD is burned, play it on TV with stand-alone DVD player or portable DVD player. It's also a good idea to share with friends and family by delivering elaborate camera DVD slideshow to them

Digital Camera Photo DVD Making Tips:

1. Built-in DVD burning engine comes with Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder. However, you could also create camera slideshow ISO image and burn slideshow with your favorite DVD burning program, say Nero, Roxio and the free DVD Flick.
2. Enhance Slideshow Video Quality by switching to Best Quality option in Options dialog.
3. You can skip Menu tab if you only make camera photo slideshow for blog/web page. To do so, just save camera slideshow in MP4, AVI, WMV, 3GP, MPEG-I, MPEG-II format in Create tab.

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