Thursday, July 02, 2009

Photo Transition Effects

What's a Digital Photo Slideshow?

A digital photo slideshow is a collection of photos that show on TV, computer or other wall screen. Prior to this, a slideshow is conducted by a presenter using an apparatus, such as a carousel slide projector, an overhead projector. However, in recent years, a computer running presentation software, say Powerpoint, could present a slideshow with smooth photo transition effects. Today, you could even make a photo slideshow from photos and videos, decorated with photo transitions between them, and burn photo slideshow onto DVD for TV playback in a snap. If so they are called photo to movie maker.

A photo slideshow display your photos automatically and transit to next photo with photo transition effect, like fade-in, fade-out, sliding, rotate, push, erase and even 3D photo transitions. On the other hand, a DVD slideshow enables you to conveniently play slideshow on TV with DVD player. Slides transiting from one to another needs photo transition effects to connect adjacent slides. With photo transitions, a slideshow could attract audience's attentions more easily.

Photo motion effect versus photo transitions effect

Motion effect also known as Ken-Burns effect, which is first widely applied in Ken-Burns' photography and cinematography. Unlike the photo transition, which is the effect between two photos, motion effect only affect one image. With motion effect, you can imitate the panning effect from left to right, from top to bottom, and so on. Depart from difference between photo motion effect and photo transition effect, they all make your photo and videos animated and stylish.

Transitions in Powerpoint slideshow

Powerpoint is the most famous office slideshow making and presenting software. It's not only for photo presenting, although. However, Powerpoint has many tranistions for photos presentation and showcase. But you are recommended not to use too complicated photo transitions for business slideshow presentation. You could even simply replace one slide with another slide, so that your audience could pay more attentions on your slide contents. Add special transitions only to slides that require emphasis.

Photo Transitions in DVD Slideshow Builder

Different from public slideshow presentation, you may need more stunning photo transitions to relive your photos. Taking travel DVD Slideshow for example, you have taken wonderful landscape photos and wanna give a slideshow presentation on your living room TV via DVD player. Photo transitions help you enjoy these photos in DVD photo slideshow with comfort on your sofa.

3D Photo Transitions

Wondershare DVD Slideshow Buildercomes with tons of 2D and 3D photo transitions, which allows you easily make wonderful photo slideshows.
Your DVD slideshow could be more special and personalized. Below is the free 3D transitions montage. All is from Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder.

photo transition samples
* images are from father's day free images

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