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Embed Picasa Slideshow with Music in Website

picasa photo slideshow with music

Picasa web album is the fastest photo sharing service from Google. Since it's launched many years ago, more and more people are using Picasa Web album to store their photos, and share photo exclusively with friend and family. Also, they can make picasa web album to public and share with the Picasa community. This tutorial will mainly explain how to make picasa photo slideshow with music, transitions and Ken-Burns effects, and embed in your Myspace Profile, blogger, WordPress page and website. It will be divided into 3 parts:

Part 1. Create Picasa Photo Slideshow with Music
Part 2. Upload Picasa photo slideshow to youtube
Part 3. Embed Picasa Photo Slideshow in website

Part 1. Create Picasa photo slideshow with music

As you know, picasa web album already provides slideshow link for you to embed original (soundless) picasa slideshow in website. Once you've uploaded photos to picasa web album, you could get the link and show off your picasa photos on internet conveniently. Here is the tutorial about how to embed original picasa web album slideshow in website.

By contrary, this article will talk about how to make picasa photo slideshow with music, transitions and Ken-Burns effects, and embed into website, myspace, blogger, wordpress and more. Let's go. It's easy and funny.

Use your favorite photo slideshow maker to make picasa photo slideshow with music. Here I use Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder for example. It's a superb easy to use slideshow making software. Within 3 steps, you can get the compelling photo slideshow with wonderful transitions and Ken-Burn effects. No complicated skills needed.

Making picasa photo slideshow step 1: Download picasa web album photos

You can download entire albums and individual photos onto your computer from Picasa Web Albums.

What you need to download entire Picasa Web Album

  • Picasa MUST be installed on your computer. Download Here.
  • The album owner must enable 'Allow any visitor to download my photos' on the Privacy and Permissions tab of the Settings page. Or you are the owner of Picasa Web Album.
  • Picasa Web Album account. Sign up here.

To Download an entire Picasa web album:

1. From Picasa web album, click the album you'd like to download.
2. From the Download menu above your photos, select Download to Picasa.
3. In Picasa, if you're not signed in to your Google Account for Picasa Web Albums, you'll be prompted to do so.
4. In the window that appears, click the Download button.

save picasa photos to computer

The downloaded albums photos could be found in the 'Downloaded Albums' collection. For Windows, they locate under "My Documents\My Pictures\Downloaded Albums". To download an individual photo, click the Download button above the photo while viewing the photo.

Making picasa photo slideshow step 2: Add picasa photos and music file for picasa photo slideshow

import camera photos/videos

Making picasa photo slideshow step 3: Change picasa photo slideshow transition effect

change picasa photo slideshow transitions

Making picasa photo slideshow step 4: Save picasa photo slideshow to MP4

save picasa photo slideshow to mp4

Part 2. Upload picasa photo slideshow to youtube

When the photo slideshow is ready, open your web browser and sign in Then locate Upload button and click it to start the upload process. You need to select the previous created picasa photo slideshow with music to upload.
After uploaded, it's time to get the embed code for website. Find the embed and right-click to copy. Get illustrated by the following figure.

Part 3. Embed Picasa Photo Slideshow in website

It's almost done. Now open a blogger post, web page or myspace profile and paste the embed code before saving changes.

Embed picasa photo slideshow in website:(between <body>and </body>):

embed picasa photo slideshow in website

Embed picasa photo slideshow on myspace profile:

embed picasa photo slideshow on myspace profile

Embed picasa photo slideshow into blogger post:

embed picasa photo slideshow to blogger

Save changes and preview your picasa photo slideshow on website now!

Download Picasa photo slideshow maker FREE
More about Picasa photo slideshow maker

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