Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Convert online videos to MP3 audio

Web applications are very useful today; we talked about everything, but mostly free programs, this is why I would like to introduce Video2mp3.

All kinds of videos are popular in today's online world. That is easy to watch and share video files anywhere. But sometimes, we'd like to use the file as audio format. There are many completely free websites can do this, and it's important to note that they all warn that it's illegal to use material that is copyrighted.

Video2mp3 is a practical and useful free video to MP3 Converter and allows you to convert and download a video to MP3 file online. It has a simple way to convert online videos to MP3 format. The procedure is done quickly, making it roughly something quiet. However, it bothered me that Video2mp3 inundates us with so much advertising. Especially, there are 4 types of advertising, including an annoying and intrusive pop-up window (best known as a popup).

Video2mp3 provides useful services of converting all kind of videos to mp3 format. Converting options are not just tight to mp3 but there are also some other options available: WMA, AAC, M4A, OGG, MP4, 3GP, AVI, WMV, MPG and FLV.

Converting videos is as simple as entering the URL from YouTube, Facebook MySpace or any other website to the converter box and click on the conversion button, select the quality of the output audio file. In this way, many videos from YouTube or other video websites and be available in audio formats.

Out of everything I already mentioned (in the negative, of course), Video2mp3 is a utility, tool, which can e used powerfully converting video from video to MP3. I hope you do not mind the fact that it is advertising.

Video2mp3 also has extensions for Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari; the features can be enjoyed from your browser, which is quite useful.

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