Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Top Free Photo Editor Photoscape Review

Top Free Photo Editor- Photoscape Review

Photoscape is an interesting free photo editor with lots of features which you will be able to enjoy working with images. It is not only a photo editor, but also a nice photograph viewer. This software can be used to edit multiple photos, create GIF animation, slice photo into several pieces and combine several photos into one.
If you can't afford to purchase software, you can still find free software to view and edit images. Photoscape is absolutely free. It's not a trial; you don’t have to pay for more features or a full version.

As far as ease of use, it won’t take much learning like Photoshop. With its simple and wonderful user interface, you will easily to access the amazing features that Photoscape provided.

  • Photo Viewer: Nice user interface, view photos in a folder, and create slideshow
  • Editor: Basic photo editing tools to modify the images, such as brightness and color adjustment, change the size.
  • Add text description and filters.
  • Batch Editor: Features to edit multiple photos, apply certain functions to many photos in a batch. Easily rename your image collection or to take screenshots.
  • Combination: Combine a few photos into one
  • Animation: Create GIF Animations from your images.
  • Splitter: Slice a photo into several pieces
  • Convert RAW files to JPG: You will be able to use Photoscape to convert RAW files to more common files like JPG/JPEG.
  • Print: Print all kinds of documents, like calendars and music scores.
  • Face Search: Unique feature to find similar faces on the Internet

If you're looking for something free with lots of wonderful features, then this is the right one. As a free photo editing program, Photoscape is on the top of the freebie list. Everyone should get it as part of their photo processing tools. If you edit pictures very often, it will become your favorite program. With tons of features that are hard to find in some of the lower end programs ,you don’t need other applications.

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