Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Download YouTube Video To Media Player

Download A YouTube Video To Windows Media Player
Sometimes, however, there are technical obstacles. If you’re looking for a way to download YouTube videos and view them in Windows Media Player, read on. This article will explain how to best extract YouTube videos and subsequently enjoy them on Windows Media Player.
How It Works
YouTube streams content using flash video technology. The respective file format is .flv. To download and view a YouTube video, you basically have three options:
1. Download and playback the video in .flv file format.
2. Download and playback in an alternative file format.
3. Download the .flv file and convert it to another file format for playback.
This article is mainly concerned with how to view YouTube videos in Windows Media Player, regardless of how you obtained the files and what file format they are in. Hence, we can neglect the third option.
Best Download Options For YouTube Videos
To limit the confusion, I have selected only two tools. One is a website, the other a program. Both work flawlessly. You should go with the second one, VDownloader, if you want to download multiple videos in parallel.
Kiss YouTube
Kiss YouTube is a straight forward way to download YouTube videos because you do not need to install any software. In addition, Kiss YouTube can download YouTube videos in three different file formats: 3GP, FLV, and MP4. Paired with ease of use, that’s plenty of great features for an online service.
You can either copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video into the respective field on the Kiss YouTube homepage (see screenshot below); OR you can rename the YouTube URL, adding the word ‘kiss’ between ‘www.’ and ‘…’.
In both cases you will be directed to a page that lets you select your download format.
To proceed, click the download link of your preferred file format.

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