Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Download YouTube videos Safari browser MacOS

Download YouTube videos from Safari browser in Mac OS X

With this method you will be able to download YouTube video with your internet browser, without any necessary to download software.

Let’s get back to work:

1. First of all, you need to open the "Activity Window" of "Safari".
Go in the menu "Window" and select "Activity Window". Now the activity window should be open.
2. Structure of the activity window:
There are 2 columns in this window
* In the first one you can see the different elements that are downloaded
* In the second one you can see the size of these elements

3. In the first column, you should see a line beginning with the word "YouTube". Click on the little arrow. Now you can see the activities related to YouTube.

4. When you open the YouTube page where there is the video that you are going to download, new elements will appear in the "activity window". There are 2 methods to know which one of these files is the video:

* Find the file with the bigger size (generally more that 1 Mb). This is target video.
* Otherwise, look up the addresses of the file and find one that has numbers.

Find file activity window

5. Now that you have found your video, you just need to download it.
* Click on the line of the video in the "Activity Window"
* Click on the keys "Command + C" to copy the file.
* Open the download windows (go to menu "Window" and open the window "Downloads").
* Click on the keys "Command + V" to paste the file.
* Your video should be downloading.

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