Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MTS Video Format

How to treat your MTS video?
MTS is a popular format for high definition video package.


MTS is a new video format HD video format, common in sony high-definition DV recording.But the the video filmed by the latest Panasonic DMC-ZS3 camera is also MTS's (self-AVCHD Lite), the H264 video coding usually can also be used AVC, audio encoded using AC-3, a resolution of 1920 * 1080 Full HD standard, or 1440 * 1080.It is a full high-definition to high definition or standard format, a product to meet the high definition era, also a blue Light standard format.

Because of the complexity of encoding H264 video format which MTS used demand the high hardware's compatibility of the MTS players, so playing MTS is different from the AVI video format and other traditional formats which is compatible with all computers as a good player.If the machine performance Weak, there may occur the situation may not play smoothly. Certainly, the current graphics card has good support play to MTS, the common audio and video players, such as storm, Kmplayer, also can be a very good player MTS.

Because MTS is very high quality video format which determines its large size, so the MTS video recorded by HD recorder is often necessary to be converted to reduce the size of the it. At the same time, if you want to play the recorded video on DVD players, Also needs to be converted into DVD format. wondershare video converter is one of common MTS format conversion software which supports all mts converter such as mts to mov ,AVI, RMVB, DVD and other common video formats, and supports to add watermarks, overlay text, and scrolling marquee for the MTS, to achieve a personalized video production. It is a Excellent video converter models.

Many people need to take a good MTS video editing to achieve the desired results better. If you need a large-scale, partial professional editing, maybe you have to look at the camera editing instructions on the MTS, while looking for a professional editing software to help you; If you just need to do some simple editing, or add some sound Or music you would like to, then wondershare video converter, or other general converting software can do that.

Now, whether you can better enjoy your camera videos now?

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