Thursday, June 02, 2011

DVD Video Making Software Roxio Creator

DVD Video Making Software- Roxio Creator

Download DVD Slideshow Builder to Make Slideshow with Songs
Roxio Creator product is a powerful tool to make slideshows, videos and help people to edit all kinds of multimedia material from their own computer, with professional looking styles. It allows you to manage your videos, music and photos, record CDs or DVDs. Roxio Creator makes video editing and DVD authoring professionals, the latest revision is the ability to create and edit photos and videos in 3D content.

Roxio Creator has well designed workflow and intuitive visual interface; it’s very easy to use. It is a complete suite for DVD burning and video editing. It provides great tools for recording, editing and exporting video, audio editing and cataloging, and editing photos. The latest revision is able to create and edit photos and videos in 3D.

Creating 3D images and videos is easy on compatible devices such as televisions, computers, etc. The process of creating 3D images is very simple: just enter 2D images of the same scene so that the software will align and optimize them for viewing in 3D. The video file conversion 2D to 3D is available is fully automatic and works reasonably well, but anyway it is far from the experience we can get at the movie theater or on TV.

You will find tools for recording, editing and exporting video, audio editing and cataloging, edit pictures and make cards, calendars and presentations, music extract and convert audio files to popular formats easily share our work in DVD and web services like Facebook or YouTube.

Although not provide the quality of the cinema or dedicated systems, it remains an interesting application that is worth trying. Roxio Creator a complete tool for work and play with media materials, and a powerful application to record on all types of digital media. Very useful for those seeking for an all-in-one easy to use video editing tool. Beyond that is the possibility to easily share our work in web services like Facebook or YouTube.

Key features:
Protect your discs with encryption
Record and copy discs
Create custom soundtracks
Easily edit your standard and HD videos, even in 3D
Fix photos and make cards, claendars and slideshows
Rip Music and convert audio files popular formats
Turn your 2D videos into Hollywood-style 3D movies
Share on DVD, portable devices, YouTube or Facebook

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