Friday, June 03, 2011

Restore iPod without iTunes

Restore iPod without iTunes – How to Do It?

More and more iPod users want to find the best software tools that can solve their problems, we can easily see there is software on the market and we can't decide to choose which one. Have you ever thought to restore iPod without iTunes? This article is mainly talking about how to restore iPod without iTunes. Hope it helps you a lot!

how do I restore iPod without iTunes? It got messed up by me trying to jailbreak with the program and it turned my iPod blank. It has text all over and it won't go away, please help!

this may happen to every iPod users by chance. However, due to iTunes' complexity and restraints in certain areas, to restore iPod with iTunes is troublesome. Then more and more iPod users want an available way to restore iPod without iTunes.

to restore iPod without iTunes, a transfer is needed here; Wondershare TunesGo is a wonderful transfer program which makes it possible to restore iPod without iTunes. It is very helpful for you to restore and back up iPod touch files from computer, iPod, iPhone, etc.

Main functions:
Able to transfer iPod/iPhone/Touch files to PC and iTunes directly.
Backup, restore your iPod/iPhone no matter iTunes installed or not.

TunesGo is an iTunes alternative with more features. Using it you can copy and backup music from iDevices to the PC but also, for example, do things like create ringtones from those songs for the iPhone. Additionally TunesGo lets you convert audio and video to formats that can be listened to and viewed on any one of iPod, iPhone or iPad plus the ability to extract audio from videos. Managing ebooks is also something possible using TunesGo.

Now, free download the trial version to restore iPod without iTunes.

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