Friday, June 10, 2011

Create Family Photo Album on TV

Create Digital Family Photo Album and Show on TV

For a long time in the past years, people take photos and print them out to add to their family photo album. Still many even today, of course. However, more and more people take digital photos using catch-and-shot camera. For a general family, they capture photos to remember happy events and precious moments, from special celebrations and holidays to everyday moments. And with time going on, they have got either multiple big family photo album or loads of digital photos in some corners of computer. This article will offer some ideas to relive your old family photos and preserve family memories by making digital family album DVD for TV and sharing with others.

Relive Old Family Photo Album

If you are a photography enthusiast since long time ago, you may have several family photo albums regarding to summer vacation, family reunion, wedding, Christmas and general holidays. This is the good way to save family memories. To get more fun and showcase your creativity, I suggest you to digitize these photos; therefore, you can make family digital scrapbooking, family photo album, online family tree building, and more. Don't know how to digitize old photo on your family photo album? Check out how to scan old photos to DVD. You may also be interested in taking good family photos.

Make New Family Photo Album DVD with Music

So, just imagine a beautiful DVD menu with multiple frames and a background photo of your family. Click each frame go to enjoy that photo album, say family reunion, and more for summer vacation, family picnic, family barbeque, etc. Not at all with DVD Slideshow Maker which allows you to make family photo album DVD with good-looking DVD menu in a snap! After importing family photos and music, authoring beautiful album DVD menu, you could then burn family photo album DVD with CD and DVD burner. If needed, you could also choose stunning 2D and 3D transition effects. Plus, sweet titles/credits are necessary for family photos. It's easy to add animated titles/credits with text effects. In a word, Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder is powerful but easy-to-use family photo album creator.

Download DVD Slideshow Builder to Make Family Slideshows for TV

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