Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Convert MTS to Final Cut Pro

How to Convert from MTS to Final Cut Pro

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When using HD camcorders, you can shoot some interesting video clippings. If you are that creative type, you may want to convert these clippings into your own sensational movie, all Hollywood style. One of the ideal applications to do this is the Final Cut Pro.

However, to do this, first you will need to import the camcorder output to a format that the Final Cut Pro will understand. HD camcorders usually record files in the MTS format, so these will be required to be converted. However, some camcorders record in a format that is easily understood by the First Cut Pro, and you should first test for this.

To check if the camcorder video is compatible to Final Cut Pro, connect the camcorder to your Mac. It should show up as a drive icon on the desktop.

Now, run Final Cut Pro and hit Cmd+Shift+8. This will open the Log & Transfer window. Please note this is suitable for Final Cut Pro versions 6 and above.

The clips in the HD camcorder are now ready for importing to Final Cut Pro for further editing. However, if the camcorder files turn grey when you try to import them, they are not compatible and will need to be converted from MTS to Final Cut Pro before they can be used.

To do this video conversion, you will need a professional application. This will allow you to convert your MTS files with a few clicks, and you will be able to load your videos into Final Cut Pro. Most professional video converters support MTS files from an aggregation of HD camcorders such as JVC GZ-HD10, JVC GZ-HD40, Sony DCR-SR47, Sony HDR-CX100, Panasonic HDC-HS20, Panasonic HDC-HS300, Canon VIXIA HG21, Canon FS300 and Canon VIXIA HF200.

Download and run the professional video conversion program of your choice and add the MTS files to the program. This can be done either by the drag and drop method, or by selecting 'Add Video/Audio Files' from the 'Files' menu. Some converters also allow you to merge several video clippings into a large file, if you so require.

Now you will have to tell the converter software what output format you would like to use. The choices you have, include, a friendly Final Cut Pro format, such as MP4. You may also choose the direct 'Final Cut Pro'. The application will then optimize the video setting for Final Cut Pro.

All that remains for the conversion is to hit the 'Convert' button, and the software converter will do the rest. Within a few seconds, all the MTS clips will be transformed into Final Cut Pro versions, and can be imported for the editing. If you want Final Cut Pro for PC, go to finalcutforwindows.com

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