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Remove DRM from Protected WMV

How to remove DRM from protected WMV
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This is a complete guide on how to remove DRM from WMV, WMA. Hopefully it will assist when you encounter similar problems.

Part 1: What is a protected WMV, WMA file?

WMV stands for "Windows Media Video", as developed by Microsoft. WMV files are usually files with the extension WMV ASF. It can store video content in a compressed format. WMA format, short form for "Windows Media Audio", was also developed by Microsoft. It is a good format that offers the same quality as MP3 at half the bit rate using an audio compression technology.

Although originally used for the Windows operating system, WMV and WMA have become very common in music download services. However, in this area, they always include a DRM that prevents illegal duplication. Unfortunately, songs purchased from different companies will have a different DRM which may limit the playing of songs on compatible players. Also, DRM limits the use of computers so that you can not share your DRM music with your friends. That’s the headache!

Part 2: How to remove the DRM WMV, WMA!

Thus, you can try some methods or programs that remove DRM from WMV or WMA files. This article presents a simple way: using WMV DRM removal software, such as Movavi Video Editor to convert your DRM protected WMV files for free. Although almost comprising the same options as the mts converter, this software is particularly useful to mitigate compatibility issues.

Here are the steps to achieve this:

1. Download Media Converter, install and run it. Then add DRM WMA or WMV files. You can either click on "Add" to add the files you want to convert, or easily drag and drop files into 'Getting Started' table. This software supports batch conversion, so you can add multiple files at once.
Now you should be able to see a list of WMV and WMA files you want to convert.

2. Choose the format you want. Click on the knob, there is a list of output formats ready for you to choose. And if you do not know the format, use the manual to view the matching hardware formats.

You could also change the location of the output file, or output files will be located by default.

3. Last thing, click the Start button and the conversion will begin. After conversion, the files are DRM-torn. You can view files converted by pressing "Find Target", or you can choose to turn off the computer after the conversion.

Thank you for visiting this guide to remove DRM from WMV WMA. Now let's enjoy our free and clear music videos and have a wonderful life.

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