Thursday, July 21, 2011

DRM Media Converter

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DRM is a technology that is embedded in music sold online stores, or even audio CD music stores. DRM was created to support piracy, which prevents users to copy and modify the original support from other sources, and platforms. Even if DRM was supposed to stop piracy, people who bought music legally oppose it. This is because, people buy music from legitimate means, they can not use it at their leisure the various devices.

Those who want to get music and videos can go to a music store and buy CDs, DVDs and videos to download media files from the Internet for free, or buy the same reputable online shops. As music piracy is growing, the music companies are becoming a different technique, which is to resist and prevent piracy. One of the most important and prominent technologies including is Digital Rights Management (DRM). Although there are many software markets, which removes the DRM, changing the permissions can be considered illegal. There have been many policies and laws to remove the DRM. Such an agreement is the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Copyright Treaty. U.S.

Many companies like Apple and Sony have started to offer DRM-free content for download. This technique not only is included in the audio CDs and downloads music online, but also in PC games and books. If you have a CD with DRM on and you want to use on your computer, entertainment or gadget that you must remove the DRM, DRM removal tool you need.

While DRM has been treated by media companies as a useful tool to protect their digital assets from being illegally copied, the casual viewer the feeling was more hostile as it was launched, especially since added restrictions such as the number of times a song can be copied or even install software on a computer that would send information to the server manufacturer as how many times a CD has been listened to and so on.

Although Tipard DRM Media Converter is a tool that removes this protection, the application is not intended to encourage piracy. And 'designed to be used by those who have the right to own media files to convert to purchase, but want to keep the backup files to avoid the original media files are corrupted or lost.

Tipard DRM Media Converter is an application designed to provide users with a. Reliable and trusted to convert DRM protected files to audio or video files checked. Tipard DRM removal can run on Windows XP / Vista 32-bit / Vista 64-bit / Windows 7, only the copyright-protected media can be applied to authorize them.
Tipard Digital Media Converter Pro is multi-functional software which can not only remove drm m4v video with high speed, also convert the m4p file to any format you want.

Preview media files can also be loaded via the integrated media player that eliminates the need to use third party software to keep track of uploaded files.

Overall Tipard DRM Media Converter turns out to be a reliable and trustworthy that will satisfies most users, and enable them to play media files protected by DRM on a wide range of devices.

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  1. Imagine a world where every online store sells DRM-free music encoded in open licensable formats drm removal