Thursday, July 21, 2011

Remove DRM From Mp4

Questions& Answers about DRM
Generally, sharing and transferring digital data through the web is a very common aspect of our world today. So DRM is developed to control and mange transferring digital data especially video & audio files and eBooks. Many users fond of picking and downloading video, audio, and other data files from the web, So they may counter some problems opening or sharing their files. Here, in this article, we are going to address some users' questions and answers related to DRM.
What is DRM meaning?
DRM is the abbreviation for Digital Rights Management. It is describing some technologies and techniques that developed to control the handling and to restrict the free use of digital contents.
I have downloaded movie from Apples` iTunes store, can I remove DRM from it?
This user is not from piracy; he already has purchased that movie. All he what needs is streaming the movie from iMac to Nintendo Wii to watch it on TV. Indeed, iTunes movies and songs run only on Apple media player as iTunes restricts the usage of devices and files; simply, they apply DRM.
Surely, anyone can remove DRM from iTunes purchased movies and audio. We are going to describe the most common way to get off DRM. Burning your movie to CD-R/W is a free and perfect solution. Just create a playlist with the purchased movie then, Insert a blank CD-R or a CD-RW. CD-RW is preferable for hundreds of songs. Burn the playlist to disk. Now you should re-import the songs after burning. It is the time for deleting the original purchased tracks. Another method to remove DRM from Music/ Video files is picking DRM removal software.
Is it legal to remove DRM?
Advocators of the users argue about the liberties and the unfair fettered use of such digital content. Actually, by these types of control by publishers the creativity and the consumers' right will be affected badly. These restrictions may be on the number of computers that allowed opening such contents and/or the number of times users can open and play those files. So, several programs for getting off the DRM were developed. They reproduce the encoded media files to be free of any restrictions. So you can remove DRM from mp4 or from wmv or from any other video type.
Also, Decss is a tool that breaks the algorithm of CSS (Content Scrambling System, which prevents DVD manufacturer to produce DVD with any feature that allows copying them). It allows users to make copies of CSS-encrypted movies and opening them on different platforms. Naturally, The Digital Millennium Copyright Act term is used to say that the using of DeCSS is illegal.

DRM is a term that mainly protects video, audio, eBooks publisher from piracy. It is a way to keep their business alive. You can purchase a movie or a music DVD and still have limitations of free use due to restrictions on the number of computers the movie may be watched on or the number of times you may open them. All these issues give a chance to DRM removal software to be developed. remove DRM from mp4

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