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I Am Number Four DVD preview

Recent DVD Movie preview: I Am Number Four
This movie is based on the popular novel I am number four, by Pittacus lore. This movie depicts a theme and visual references to other classic teen romances such as the unusual love in the Twilight saga.It also has an element of science fiction and action, thus capturing the attention of every young romance, sci-fi and action enthusiast.

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I am number four is a story of a young teenage extraterrestrial boy, number four. He is the fourth out of the nine alien children who fled their home (planet Lorien), after it was attacked by the Mogadorians. The Mogadorians are a species of very ugly looking aliens, out to conquer the entire universe. They have now set their eyes on earth, but first they have to eliminate the only nine ‘Lorien’ that can kill or stop them, as the nine can manifest superpowers.
The movie begins with the killing of number three by the Mogadorians. The nine children must be killed in sequential order, because they have a charm that protects them from being randomly killed (according to the novel), thus number four is next. Number four and his protector Henri, a role played by Timothy Olyphant, have to move once again as they have done before to escape the Mogadorians.
Henri gives Number four, played by Alex Pettyfer, the name John Smith, and he is required to attend high school like normal teenagers in order to remain inconspicuous. John fails to keep a low key as he can’t help himself from protecting a ‘nerd’ being taunted by the schools ‘alpha bully’ due to his father’s belief in Aliens. John and Sam (Callan McAuliffe), the nerd in question, later become good friends. He also meets an ex-cheerleader, turned artistic photographer Sarah, played by Glee’s Diana Agron, and this is where their romance begins.
When Henri discovers that John has failed to remain inconspicuous and that the Mogadorians were catching up with them, he asks that they move to another place, but John refuses because he doesn’t want to leave Sarah. This causes a physical confrontation between the two, and here is where the audience has a hint of what Number four is really capable of (super powers).
In the few last scenes, Number four goes to say his goodbyes to Sarah (while the Mogadorians are pursuing him). They then run off to school to develop photos Sarah had taken of John. This is the part where the critiques have a big issue with; according to them this is a “forced” romantic scene.
Number six, a role played by Teresa Palmer is introduced in the last scenes. He and number four fight side by side, and eventually conquer the Mogadorians who were after John. The movie ends as the three Sam, Number four and number six are on their way to find the others, thus setting the stage for a sequel.

The movie has gaps (the ‘photo developing’ scene at school), it is also not what a sci-fi enthusiasts would really love to see, as it does not have ‘hardcore’ sci-fi. Despite, this the movie is an unforgettable, it is action filled and the actors deliver quality, and thus audiences can’t wait to see the sequel.

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