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iMovie Over View

iMovie Over View
It is a video player produced by Apple Inc. This video editor application permits you to edit your movies on iPod, iPhone and Mac. iMoviehelps you to keep the precious moments of your life. You’ll enjoy watching your favorite clips over and over again. It makes sharing these videos as easy as touching a button. You can obtain more features of video editing by using software like Video Converter Ultimate , it enables you to even convert the 2D videos to 3D.We are going to mention our review on the latest version before appeal to the iMovie capabilities generally.

Our iMovie 09 Review
When you start figuring out through iMovie 09, you realize Apple actually listened to all the user complaints about iMovie 08.
iMovie '08 does not contain all the special features found in the previous versions and this is really a big issue as those features contributed to make video editing so easy and fun.

Finally, iMovie '09 enjoys most of the capabilities that were not available with '08 version. Moreover, green screen and animated maps, video stabilization are new features that added a lot to iMovie 09. But till now the user interface does not have a dedicated timeline that most video editors enjoy. iMovie '09 has new capabilities like advanced drag-and-drop and the precision editor.

iMovie capability
Importing videos
you can import your clips from many other devices such as a digital camera, a camcorder, or an iPhone into one spot by installing iMovie. All what you need is plugging your device, then open iMovie software, and begin to import your clips.
iMovie is capable of importing video snapshots to the Mac through the using of the FireWire interface (on most of digital video cameras or by importing the files from your hard drive. Thus, users are able to add titles, edit their video clips, and definitely add music. They actually can make use of different Effects like video enhancement tools, basic color correction and as many transitions such as fade-out, fade-in, etc.
With iMovie you are well organized. The event Library collects any clip you have captured. Your clips are organized according to the event. Using keywords to tag the videos let your files well controlled and easy to find.

Presentation feature
Now you are able to watch your movies in full screen without any distortion, from the comfort of your sofa you can toggle among clips and different projects and watch individual scenes. Also, Fly quickly through many videos.
Drag-and-drop feature
This easy drag& drop feature enables you create a unique movie in iMovie. Just drags your best videos into the project area and arrange them as you prefer; drag in transitions and different effects; Drag your lovely photos and add songs.

Dynamic film strip
The simplicity of the interface gives a wide room to your creativity. The dynamic filmstrip enables you to edit your movie by cutting specific section or any other editing option you need with your hand mad movie.
Fix shaky video.
If your videos have some motion blur the Video stabilization in iMovie can analyze the amount of the movement occurred with your camera. Then everything settled and the shake is reduced
Further Adjustments
You can control your clips with further additional adjustments. iMovies allow you to use sliders to slow down or speed up and even reverse your videos. You have the ability to adjust the brightness, color, contrast and also the saturation levels.

Audio Editing
you can add more life to your photos presentations by adding sounds. There are many audio tracks for sound effects, music and definitely a recorded voice. The audio control tools such as removing the noise and the new audio effects make you sound like expertise in audio editing

Festival clips
Every movie needs a theme. You can turn your best memories into unique films. Your graduation day, thanksgiving day, Christmas day and etc, just select the matching theme to bring the life and professionalism to your clips.
Definitely these are not the whole features of the iMovie. There are another many features that are worthy to know. Finally, if you need iMovie for Windows 7, go to >>

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