Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How to upload youtube video

This tutorial explains how to upload video to youtube for video hosting and sharing. To help you read this tutorial easily, outlines are given as below:

Step 1: Login your account
Step 2: Click Upload button
Step 3: Select video and fill form

Step 1: Login your account

To use youtube services, you need a youtube account. Not yet? Sign up an account here. If you are using youtube account. Login youtube account here.

Step 2: Click Upload button

Once login youtube account, an Upload button will appear on the top right. Click it to open video upload page.

Step 3: Select video and fill form

Click Upload Video to bring up the browse window and select your desired video to upload. As you could see, extra information is optional. Fill it or not, as you like. While the video is uploading, wait for some while. When finished, you will be prompt. Then you could Click Go to My Videos button to view all your videos, including the newly uploaded one. However, you will get informed that your video is processing. Youtube needs time to convert your video before it's put online.

Done. Normally, you could watch your video on youtube very soon. Except your video content conflict with copyright thing.

Q: What could I do if my music infringed the copyright?
A: You can try AudioSwap Service provided by youtube. That is to say, change the audio in your video to free-to-use audio. To do so, Click the AudioSwap button and select a music. You can filter so many audio in the library through Genre, Artist and Track. Then, click Publish button on the right side to finish.

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