Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Turn Photos on TV via Photo DVD

Have you ever wanted to display your treasured digital photo collection in the living room TV instead of your computer? OK, this article tells you how to turn digital photos on your living room TV. First, take a glance at why is photos DVD, via which could show your photos on TV.

Benefits of Photos DVD

  • Large capacity: about 2 hours of photos DVD and 1000 high quality digital photos (4.7G single-layer DVD).
  • Long time preservation: Most important is that the quality of photos and photos DVD would not degrade over times and after thousands of playback.
  • Easy navigation: Photos could be combined into one photos DVD disc. However, with the help of DVD menu, you could locate a specific category, like Travel, Family or work, quickly and conveniently. Enjoy photos on TV with DVD is prevalent.
  • Easy to share: This is the ultra-compact way to share your photos DVD with friends and family. After you have burned your photos DVD with photo to DVD software, deliver your DVD disc and you share it with the world.

Part 1. Preparation

We need a good photo to DVD program to get things done. As for this, I will recommend the one I am using - Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder. Extremely easy to use, or we can say it's the Drag-n-Drop program to make photo DVD.

Some one may worried about the original photo be modified after photo to DVD transferring. No need. The program won't affect any original photos. The program will copy your photos and change to what you want while converting photo to DVD.

Part 2. Choosing Background Music

I think less people would like to play photos DVD without music. So pick up your favorite music and get ready to combine background music with your photo DVD. Just think about it, beautiful photos and favorite music, what a photo DVD!

Part 3. Turning Still Images to TV Show

Step 1: Manage Slideshow and add photos

Since we are making playable photo DVD, you are suggested creating different slideshows (albums) to organize your photos. For example, all travel photos are placed to travel slideshow, while birthday photos to birthday slideshow. Next, go to each slideshow and add all desired photos by clicking Add Photos/Videos button. Almost all popular image formats are supported. If the amount is large, waiting for a minute while importing images.

Step 2: Edit photo, change transition if required

Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder comes with powerful photo editing tool. To use it, double-click photo thumbnail on Storyboard to bring up the editing window, in which, you can crop photo, apply photo effect and add elements (Text, Clipart, Mask and Frame) to selected photo.

By default, random transition effects will be applied between every two photos. All transitions are smooth and natural. You can even use 3D transitions to make your slideshow more attractive. However, you could change every transition to what you like. To do so, just click transition thumbnail to make change.

Step 3: Author DVD menu and burn it.

Authoring a wonderful DVD menu for photo DVD is easy, because well pre-made menu templates are there. Simply double-click a desired template and make necessary changes to make your own DVD menu for photo DVD.

Actually, to burn photo DVD, you could even add photo and burn it, and the result always satisfies you. OK, if all editings is finished, it's time to burn photo DVD. Similarly, a few clicks are needed. Firstly, go to Create tab and select DVD from output format drop-down list. Select correct TV standard if you are not in United States (the default is NTSC standard, so no need to change for United States residents). Finally click Start button to burn photo DVD and sit back to wait patiently for it to finish.

TV Show Time

It's time to call everybody to the living room and the show time is about to start soon. OK, now insert the newly burned photo DVD to DVD player, and wait a minute for DVD player to prepare. Yeah, your photos is on TV now! Enjoy.

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